About us

About us

Hello and welcome to our pack, the Alpha Hounds. 

Thank you for clicking in and looking to find out more about the brand, I'm Helen, (hello!) and started Alpha Hounds in 2020, our own dogs are Jax & Roxy, you'll see them on our social media. 

Pre-lockdowns, I worked within the charity sector out with the public, a role I thoroughly enjoyed as it's out and about with people! Like everyone else in 2020 (I expected lockdowns to be temporary) and having then got our second dog Roxy, decided to get a sewing machine and make some colourful accessories for both our dogs in funky colours and prints. As a person I love to change my hair colour, accessorise, organise everything and have a secret obsession for clashing textures and colours. I wasn't too excited about the standard black or red options available for my two.

So with the sewing machine, LOVED learning something new (homeschooling doesn't count ha!) and getting to swap the usual chatting at events to meeting lots of locals in the doggy community. The doggy community of course has always been amazing, I was asked to create and make some collars and leads for their dogs too, WOW! I was so excited and am forever grateful for the people that supported the early vision. As the needs of our own dogs changed and I suppose I realised just how challenging it was (still) to find a UK company who's accessories would fit, in the colours or style, in the high quality professional finish, I decided to commit and create Alpha Hounds. 

I very proudly type Alpha Hounds is created by owners of big dogs, not because that's who the brand is targeting, (we're passionate about colour not size) but because quality is so important when you have 50KG at the other end of a lead, a super long haired dog (and lots of it) to dry after a bath or a super large jaw that needs something that can withstand that strength. All Alpha Hounds gear is used (tested) on our own two woofers so you really can rest assured quality isn't compromised. If you have any questions, pop over an email or a DM and I will gladly come back to you.

So that's why we got going, where are we now? We've diversified from the accessories and now stock a larger variety of clothing, have an Alpha Owners stock list which has some must have items in there too. 

Thank you so much for you, your continued support on social media, reviews, the time you've put aside to read this and browse Alpha Hounds website. Thank YOU!