Train my Alpha

Dog obedience is so important, not only for a well rounded pup but for owning a dog to be enjoyable; on your walks but also holidays with and without your dog. 

We're really passionate about dog training too, so checkout everything Alpha Hounds that will support you in your training journey:

  • The Alpha Bite bar: a real must have! Use for training, playing, walks to the beach/stream/paddling pool (yes this floats and is fully waterproof!)
    Use this to teach fetch, leave it, hold it, release, bite, tug of war and so much more.
  • The Alpha Owners training bag: a convenient waist bag to keep your hands free and the treats flowing. There are two compartments (one at the back for phone and keys) and the large one at the front to fit treats, balls, poo bags and more.
  • The Alpha Hounds Lord and Lady Double Handled Lead.
    This is as much for training as it is safety, the lead is 5ft 6 in length with two handles, one at 2ft and one at the end. It gives your pup the extra length to roam and the option to keep it short when walking in public places as your dog will be kept at your side. 
  • The Alpha Owners Hoodie: no untrained dogs.
    Designed by us with large font across the back to ensure owners can see although we are out with our dogs, we don't want to be interrupted by boisterous bouncy dogs, as lovely as they are its not always appropriate.