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Drying Robes:
The Alpha Hounds drying robes are game changers for both you and your pup! 
They're two layers (yes, TWO layers) of thick, fluffy cotton which cover your pup from the nape of their neck to their tail. Their tummy is covered by a wide waist band aswell as an adjustable neck feature, perfect to absorb all the moisture from their soggy ears too. 
We've designed these with sensitive skin in mind by using cotton. Cotton is a natural fibre and can absorb 25 times its weight in water, opting for two layers of densely woven cotton means these robes will absorb more moisture and reduce that drying time for both short and long haired dogs.
Shop now, we've got 5 sizes from super small to super large available across three different colours.
Our size guide is in the photos for each.

Alpha Bite Bar:
The Alpha Bite Bar is so much fun for your water loving pup. It's made from Oxford fabric, is super lightweight and is stuffed with fumigated recycled sawdust - a rather in depth of saying it floats, is waterproof!
We'd recommend attaching a long line incase you have too good of a throw and your pup doesn't want to retrieve in all those waves! 

Alpha Owners Hoodie:
Fabulous colours to ensure you stand out as much as your Alpha, after all, we're all about confidence and us owners ooze that too right?
Stand out from the crowd on your beach adventures when the wind changes. Easy to wrap around your waist when not in use, easy peasy!