The Alpha Brand

How we got started:

How it's going: 
We’re super excited to have so many colourful items for you and your woofers (they’re not all pink, we promise!) We started hand making accessories (collars, leads and even played with harnesses) and look where we are now, everything professionally made in prints designed by us and beautiful bold colours.

So why Alpha?
We’re committed to bringing quality products, at affordable prices for all sizes. This wouldn’t sound so strange if it was about humans as we don’t pay more for a size XL than we would a S, but for some reason bigger dogs have virtually 0 colour options and owners get hit with large increases in price for an XL to a S.
We’re a small business and breaking the norm - if you check out our products (collars for example), they cost our business the same in all sizes so we pass those savings on, our cotton drying robes however vary and so our prices reflect that.

The Alpha Hounds Gear:
Everything we sell, we test at home with our two dogs (you’ll see them on our IG Lives and social media!) and decided to bring to the market because it’s what we wanted for ours. Our Dog Hoodies came in shortly after our Dobermann got a foreign body stuck in her chest, so she needed to stay covered when we went out, the seasons changing meant she carried on wearing it as we noticed she was so much more settled at home being warmer. Our dog drying robes came in because of our other dog, he’s a German Shepard x Dobermann and has the most gorgeous coat but loves to roll in muddy puddles and all the other dirty wonders he’ll find ha, he doesn’t however like bath time. He’s a big boy with a thick coat, he needed something (and I was sick of buying more bed/sofa throws/towels) to absorb the moisture. Cotton is the ONLY fabric suitable for sensitive skin, so we had our drying robes designed and made up with not one, but TWO layers of thick fluffy cotton - our own dogs drying time has been reduced from 8 hours down to just 1, and I don’t need to buy more sofa throws (out of need anyway, I do still because I love them, who agrees?) happy days!

Behind the business is me, Helen, I turned 30 this year and have always loved animals. I grew up around horses, had small furries as pets growing up and then owned my first dog when I was 23, a beautiful rescue Old Time Bulldog X called Sophie. The industry has changed positively since I had her, there are so many more options for nervous/assistance/aggressive dogs and the access to support owners can get online now is sensational. I’ve always found pet people to be my kind of people; friendly and fun, so I’ve felt so passionately and am so grateful to have found so many wonderful supportive people in the doggy community. Thank YOU!

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