Alpha Bite Bar

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The Alpha Bite Bar floats in water and is super bright, making it the perfect accessory for spring and summer walks for water loving dogs!

Perfect training accessory for:
Bite training
Tug training
Fetch & retrieve
Drop it
Find it
Leave it


Interactive games between you and your dog will only strengthen the relationship keeping you both happy and your Alpha out of mischief.

The Alpha Bite Bar is built to be tough and suitable for the larger breeds; of course no toy is indestructible. The Bite Bar is NOT a chew toy, do not allow your dog to keep this toy after training and playing.



Good to know:

Outside: Oxford fabric.

Inside: Fumigation free Sawdust.

Boasts strong stitching suitable for the big breeds.

Top quality.

Specification below.

Medium: 19cm L, 5.5cm W, 5.2cm thick, 100g weight.
Large: 23cm L, 6.5cm W, 6.2cm thick, 150g weight.