Dinoballs Dog Toy

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Suitable for those big jaws!

Introducing the push to mute Dinoball range.
Available in two colours and with the added option of squeak or no squeak for endless outdoor games without (let's be honest!), the squeak becoming too much and that toy only coming out occasionally.
The beauty of these is a mix up for the standard ball we typically go for to use to keep garden games fun or off on our walks. The Dinoballs bounce in different directions given their shape which makes tracking it's movement less predictable for your dog, playtime should never be boring!
Made from durable rubber.
2 for £15 with code: DINOSAVE
Instructions: To silence the squeaker, push in the rubber ball between the strap and the toy. To activate the squeaker, pull strap out of the toy and let the fun begin! 


As with any dog toy, please supervise your dog with this.