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My Lord and Lady leads are 5ft double handle leads inspired by Game of Thrones designed by us. Our double handle leads have two padded handles for owners comfort and keeping control for various situations - namely walking alongside traffic as the name suggests. Check out our video to see the 5ft freedom for your dog when appropriate and the control and security for navigating distractions.


  • Padded handles for full comfort walking your dog.
  • Black metal Clip and D-Ring's to attach to collar or harness.
  • 5ft length on lead giving you the loose lead freedom when needed and using the 2ft handle when needed.

Amazing for:

  • Strong pullers.
  • Lead work and for some dogs training to walk on a lead.
  • Training your dog - heel, come, walk, run, recall, look at me, stop, wait, ignoring distractions, calm walking - without being on top of them.
  • Females in season - being longer than a traditional lead these give the extra flexibility for them to stop and sniff without you being on top of each other.
  • After an operation when needing to restrict exercise - being longer than a traditional lead gives that extra freedom.
  • 1 Inch wide and 5ft length total.
  • Two handles - one at 2ft and one at 5ft.