Wooden Fiber Antler Chew

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Inspired by nature.

Long lasting STRONG chew.

We've searched high and low to ensure we can bring safe products to the dog market that are suitable for the bigger breeds and their super strong jaw's. 
Made of food grade PP material and eco-friendly pine fibre, the wooden antler is durable and can stand up to long lasting chewers.
It's a natural wood with raised surfaces to help clean your dogs teeth and freshen their breath. 
  • Splinter free

  • Safe and non-toxic

  • Long lasting

  • Dental care

  • Not to mention fulfilling your dogs need to chew.

Two sizes available:
Medium - Height 7.5 inch. Recommended for dogs between 14-27 KG
Large - Height 9 inches. Recommended for dogs +27KG

These GiGwi products RRP for £18+


As with all dog chews and toys, please ensure your dog is supervised with chew toys.